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Finding Balance - FlexyFit


  1. stephanie brinlee
    August 21, 2012 @ 6:10 PM

    so when i was getting certified i was 100 % on the what happens to one side needs to happen on the other side aswell, IN THE BASICS!!!! So all level 1-4 i DO think its important to even out so to build a strong base on both sides which will help balance out your frame…..HOWEVER, after your hit your comfort level with 1-4, i DO beleive you have to figure out your “sweet spots” & “strong kickstand arm base” on one side untill you build up enpough strength in levels 4+ to fell more comfort to THEN start training the other side to come into par with the strong side.

    While in Pole Con 2012, Alethea s right side had a rib injury. During her workshop , while teaching the “Devil Dance Shuffle”, she had to do it all on the Left side, her” bad side” (as she put it) lol,,,,buuuut after pole con she said, her Left Side is a Her Good side now;)

    SO, (IMO)
    lvl 1-4: train both sides ( you may be suprised as to which side turns out to be your strong side) IT IS VERY INPORTANT TO GAIN EQUAL STRENGTH WHILE LEARNING THE BASICS!

    lvl 4+: Pole Rule: THERE IS ALWAYS A PUSH/PULL FORCE IN POLE STUNTING/SPINNING. exp: split grips, pull up with the inside arm, push thro the abdomen with the outside arm =s brings up the gravity & holds the core contraction…SO, when advancing into higher levels , Its always good to KNOW your strong side vs. your weak & train from there & as you get the strength powerflly down, THEN is when i suggest balancing both sides….its always “to each their own” in my mind when helping students decide where to focus building strenght, so i always think you have to Personally asses Your sides/levels as you go…(IMO)

  2. shimarella
    August 22, 2012 @ 2:18 PM

    I have never thought about needing a class dedicated to working the non-dom side. I have always been trained ( in silks particularly) on working both sides…admittedly as the tricks get more complicated we tend to pick a side to really work on ( especially since the wraps become more eleborate). The justification at that point is about how many times you will really pull that trick out and whether you should spend the time sweating the side you will likely never use.
    In pole though I think its always made sense to work both sides. Because I’ve tended to misunderstand whether “left” or “right” in pole meant left/right of the pole, my literal left/right side, my left/right arm on top/bottom, I think I’ve actually ended up working my non-dom side by accident for many tricks! Yay.
    Anyway, I’m not sure if I would ever sign up for a Non-Dom Training class ( in the interests of time & limited financial resources) but I think that even when an instructor doesn’t spend time ensuring that you are working both sides, you should do it! And when you are training on your own, keep yourself honest.