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About Ashley

First and foremost, I am not from Texas. I'm 100% Cali sexiness born and raised. I am a girl that has definite goals in life and I am definitely going places. I know what I want out of life and I will get it. I am a very determined and independent young lady, so what I set my mind to out. I'm all about personal growth and learning more about myself. RCI! I am the Director of Business Development at a software company here in Dallas. I co-own an amazing photography company. And I also do freelance work for various entertainment and music companies, as well as music artists. I have a wide range of work that I do which includes: artist management, entertainment consultation, writing for magazines, videography, photography, video and photo editing, design, voice over, radio talent and more. My nick name is the Entertainment Goddess - Goddess of all things Entertainment. They call me that because love everything about about media, networking, music and entertainment. New addition to my resume: "Social Media Goddess"

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