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Enlist as an Ashlete!

Thats right! I’m building an army, an ARMY of ASHLETES and I’m inviting YOU to enlist!


If you’re looking for elite-level training, completely different from other styles of training and customized to your individual goals, you’re in the right place! Aerial Ashlete’s is a customized personal training and development program for aerialists and aspiring aerialists – of all levels and apparatuses. If you’re feeling stuck or have plateaued, would benefit from having a coach that has had and specializes in training diverse body types, need focused attention not available in a typical classroom setting, desire supplemental training or need a teaching style that meets your personal learning style – look no further! 

The WHY behind Aerial Ashletes

When I started competing and getting serious about my pole and aerial career, I realized that it was going to take a lot more than just attending a few classes each week and learning tricks here and there. There is a method to the madness (cross-training, conditioning, active recovery, nutrition, self-care, mentoring, etc.) when it comes to advancing and mastering your craft. So I set out to create a well-rounded training experience to help you reach your goals, which includes goal setting, action planning, mindset change, and custom programming to give you the support and resources that I never had or knew I needed.

Aerial Crush
4 Hours of Training a Month!
For those that just need a little extra practice and coaching.
2 Private Sessions/month ($250 value)
2 Flexology Class/month - Online only ($40 value)
I'm in! Sign me up!
Aerial Obsession
18 Hours of Training a Month!
For those that don't attend a studio or that want total aerial domination.
8 privates/month ($1000 value)
Train with me 2x/week (60min)
Your training day/time locked in.
No one can ever take your time slot!
8 Flexology/month classes - Online only ($160 value)
Option to train 2 apparatuses a year*
I'm in! Sign me up!

Benefits of being an Ashlete: 

  • Customized training and mentoring
  • Cross-training in flexibility, fitness, mental management, wellness and more
  • Coaching in character and creative development for competitions, auditions and performances 
  • Exclusive Ashlete merch 
  • Free goodies to help on your aerial journey

All Ashlete Memberships Include: 

  • Access to private open studio hours
  • Additional Privates only $99  
  • Discounts on FlexyFit clinics, workshops, eBooks, competition training and pole/aerial photoshoots
  • Performance opportunities at Slay the Stage
  • Team newsletter

Aerial Ashletes Monthly Training Plans

Your training is based around your Pole, Aerial, Flexibility and Competition/performance goals. We’ll discuss your goals and then I’ll build a training plan that will get you there. We’ll supplement your training with plenty of core conditioning, flexibility, dance conditioning and strength building to help accelerate growth. If you’re ready to take your passion and aerial athleticism to the next level then select your apparatus (or general dance conditioning, prehab/rehab), preferred training package and then fill out the application to get started!

Apparatus options: Pole (static/spin), Flying Pole, Lyra, Trapeze and Aerial Pilates/Yoga.

Aerial Ashletes


  • Each package comes with a 6 month commitment. Once you’ve reached the six month mark, you are free to cancel your training plan at any time.