About Me

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Ashley! I am a Dallas-based Self-Care and Lifestyle Coach dedicated to helping women master their wellness and lifestyle to create the lives and bodies they desire.

I’ve been in shape, out of shape, overweight, in various broken shapes, back in shape and while on this quest to create the ultimate shape, I realized how changing your relationship with yourself and your body changes your relationship with the world and those in it. In working to take control and transform my body, I ended up taking control and transforming my life. There was so much unhappiness and loss of control and my voice that was deep rooted in my relationship with my body and my past…that I didn’t even realize. Taking control of my body was liberating and paved the way for me to create a better life that I am happy to wake up and live each day. This is this feeling I wish for my clients.

I’m passionate about helping people build bodies, habits, and lifestyles to meet the demand of the things that they want (and need) to do; whether that’s work, fitness/sports, hobbies, family or just life itself. I’ve discovered that creating a better relationship with your body, starting with flexibility and fitness, ultimately translates to the rest of your life.

I work with women who have been through some tough times and are ready to make a huge life change, inside and out. We work together to bring out the best of themselves, their strengths, their power, their confidence and their beauty they didn’t know they had or were holding back! My goal is to help women like you who are ready for change, discover who you are and get closer to who you want to be in order to become the strongest version of you!

My Journey

Over the past few years, EVERYTHING in my life has been radically altered. I realized that sometimes all you need is a slight shift in perspective to bring things into focus, and I see so much clearer now! My transformation, which started with fitness and getting my health on track so that I could get better at pole, has evolved into a total life transformation. Something most would call a sport, hobby, or obsession has totally changed the course of my life and developed into a brand and my personal lifestyle. Through pole fitness I was able to reclaim my life and my body, while discovering my purpose, which gave birth to the idea of being #FLEXYFIT (my personal mantra) and my army of Aerial Ashletes. I’ve also attained my MBA, started working towards a Ph.D, developed some amazing friendships and business partnerships, quit corporate America to pursue work I am passionate about and met my soulmate. I realized that being able to be flexible and fit in all areas of life is truly the key to living a happy and successful life – and to releasing my inner pole superstar! I’ve found a new purpose through this idea and moving forward, I want to share what I’ve discovered about living a #FLEXYFIT life to help others achieve growth in pole, fitness, flexibility and beyond.



My Certifications


• Bachelor’s degree in Journalism 


• Currently pursing my Ph.D.


• Fitness Business Institute – Online Coaching Specialist Certified 

• REBT Mindset Life Coach Certified

• NASM Mental Toughness 

• NASM Training The Brain: The Neuroscience of Aerobic Exercise

• NASM Emotions in Motion: Exercise as an Anxiety Intervention 

• RAD Mobility Level 1 – Self Myofascial Release (SMR), mobility & recovery training

• Hypervolt (Percussion Therapy) Movement Enhancement Course

• Hypervolt (Percussion Therapy) for Self-Administration

• Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility from the StretchCoach.com


• NASM Certified Personal Trainer

• Brookbush Institute Certified Personal Trainer

• Brookbush Institute Human Movement Specialist

• NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

• NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist

• NASM Integrated Strength Agility & Quickness

• NASM Balance Training

• NASM Hydration

• NASM Plant-Based Diets

• Exercise for Parkinson’s Training – Brian Grant Foundation

• TRX® Suspension Training

• American Heart Association CPR & AED


• Xpert Pole Fitness Level 1 &2

• Xpert Pole Fitness Level 3& 4

• Spin City Beginners’ Aerial Hoop Instructor*

• Spin City Stretching & Flexibility for Pole and Aerial

• Spin City Anatomy & Physiology Foundations for Pole and Aerial

• Paper Doll Militia Trapeze Level 1

• Lapryderz Instructor Training (Vertical Joes)

• Twerk Instructor Training (Vertical Joes)

• Aerial Pilates Instructor Training – Level 1 (Air Control Pilates)

Time On Stage

• 2021 Selected performer for the BGP + PSO #AmplifyMelanatedVoices Showcase Fundraiser

• 2021 Selected performer for Devour ~ A Night Of Pole & Dance In Place! Showcase Fundraiser

• 2021 USPSF Elite Sport 2nd Place

• 2017 USPDF Received PRO Card and 4th Place

• 2017 PSO Southwest Championship Level 4 1st Place

• 2016 PSO Southwest Exotic Level 4 – 4th place

• 2016 UPA Bringing Sexy Back (Dallas) Guest Performer 

• 2014 Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma Guest Performer

• 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Professional Finalist

• 2013 Midwest Pole Dance Sexy Floorwork Competitor 

• 2013 Galveston Bay Pole Competition Finalist and Miss Sexy Winner

• 2012 Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma Finalist

• 2012 PSO Southern Competitor 

• 2011 Miss Texas Pole Star Amateur Finalist 


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