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Competition & Performance Training!

Train to Slay the Stage the FlexyFit Way!


Competition and Performance Training like you’ve never experienced it before! Get to know the competition scene from A to Z and ensure you’re properly prepared to hit that stage and dazzle the crowd. From coaching for competition, performances, showcases, audition videos, special occasions and more, together we will conquer any fears or reservations you have regarding competition/performing publicly. And if you’ve already got a competition or two under your belt, we’ll look at your previous performances and make the necessary tweaks to make your next one even better! 

This is for anyone that wants to step outside of their box and that is interested in competing, creating a killer performance and developing their showmanship. No worries if you’ve never competed, if you don’t have a song, moves, costume ideas, and more. We will go through all of the stages of how to find the right competition, proper level placement, music selection, tricks & choreo, proper moves for your body type and ability level, character development, costume design, timing, judging, photo moments and more! 

Competition Coaching (and how I got here): 

Having a coach makes all the difference from competition prep to Slay Day. As a competitor, I know how it feels to do this on your own. I never had a coach, so I had to learn on my own with each competition I did. I’ve taken all of the lessons I’ve learned over the years and created a training program to help you succeed and avoid pitfalls in your competition training. I lost a lot before I started winning, so I know how to learn from the losses and how to put together a winning performance. As a judge, for multiple competitions (PSO, Aerialympics, USPSF, Dallas Pole Fitness Championship, Pole Circus), I am trained to know what the judges are looking for and will help you create a well-rounded routine that dots all of their i’s and crosses all of their t’s. I am here to help you build a routine based on your strengths so you are ready to sizzle and slay the stage come competition day!

My Coaching Style

I use a guided coaching style. This process allows you the creative freedom and autonomy to create a performance specific to YOU. I do not create a fully choreographed routine for you to learn and perform.  I believe that the best way for you to learn, is to do it. And I also know that no two people move alike. So in order for you to perform your best, it needs to be a reflection of your movement style and ability – not mine or anyone else’s. Together we’ll create a dynamic performance that is tailored to your personal style and skill level.

Training Options

I know everyone has varying training needs and budgets, so I offer a variety of training options for you to choose from. Amateur competitors can select from the training options below. Are you a Pro or USPSF Elite competitor looking for coaching? Please email me at: flexyfitnews[at] for custom training packages. 

Coach's Eye/Ear
As needed
Video or Song Review + Feedback
Review of up to 3 videos or songs
(each 4 min or less)
Detailed written feedback
30 minute Zoom sesh to discuss your
routine and plan next steps
Get a recording of Zoom feedback sesh
I’m in! Sign Me Up!
Private Coaching Sesh
1 Hour Private Competition Training Session
60 minute private training
Focus on any aspect of competition prep and routine creation you'd like
Routine Fine tuning
Competition Day Planning
Homework and Next Steps Planning
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Competition Training


  • Full Coaching is the only plan with a term requirement. You may not cancel your training plan before this time for any reason. As this is a monthly membership your credit card will be charged every month for 3 months – unless paid in full at the start.

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not freeze, extend or refund packages under any circumstance.