Training Essentials

I get asked all the time what tools and toys I use for my personal training and with my Ashletes.  I am excited to share with you my list of training essentials that make up my FlexyFit toolkit. These helpful tools will supplement your aerial, fitness and flexibility training. And I’m sure there’s at least one or two gems on this list that you’ll absolutely fall in love with!




RAD Helix

Rad Roller

RAD Rounds

RAD Point Release Kit

Mighty Grip Knee Pads

Tack and Non-Tack

Mighty Grip Gloves

Tack, Non-Tack & Aerial

Grip Aids

Yoga Knee Pad

Stretch Strap

Yoga Blocks

As a new aerial student or even a seasoned athlete looking to take it to the next level, I know you too are probably curious to know what equipment you should invest in to help on your aerial fitness journey. With so many options out there, knowing what to get and what will work for your specific needs can be confusing. So I decided to share with you my favorite, most used and recommended #FlexyFit toys and put them all together in one place for you. If you’ve ever been in my lab, taken privates with me or attended one of my classes, then you’ve likely seen a few of these in my bottomless bag of FlexyFit toys. Click the “I Want It” button to be taken to Amazon (I’m an affiliate) to learn more about it, or to purchase and add to your collection.

If you have questions about using any of these in your practice or why I recommended them then give me a shout! I love to share tips and secrets, and if you already have any of these things listed below let me know how you use them! And if you think of something I should add to my list, hit me up and let me know!