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Debating Fairness in Prize Money - FlexyFit


  1. shimi
    April 24, 2014 @ 11:17 PM

    I’ve been following this discussion closely and I agree that it is a complicated one. Thank you for the post. I get that sponsorship is hard and that pole comp. producers ( like many event producers) aren’t doing it to make money themselves. Here’s what makes me uncomfortable about some of the reactions to the points being raised by some of the male polers: There’s a strong whiff of “You should be grateful that there’s a division for you. Just be patient and maybe it will get better.Maybe you should raise your own prize money, etc” It may not be intentional but it comes off as patronising and doesn’t address the concerns of those who want to feel more equal in the competition. Maybe money shouldn’t be the only factor but we all know its a major consideration. Unfortunately in this particular case since it is massively out of proportion, the inequity in the prizes just really stands out and is going to be a topic of conversation for a while. I don’t think it’s bad to have a frank discussion about it. In the spirit of “Well we shouldn’t be doing it for the money” then maybe that prize money should go to something else that betters the community or the future of the competition if it doesn’t seem fair to divide it more equitably in the future. I look forward to seeing how the mens division continues to evolve in our community.

  2. entgoddess
    April 25, 2014 @ 1:34 AM

    Great perspective Shimi. I appreciate that you pointed out that the underlying concerns for many of the male polers aren’t being addressed, as that is something that can easily fall through the cracks in the heat of the conversations that have been buzzing about.

    I’ve been tracking much of the after-the-fact discussion and was not privy to some of the original correspondence that came from the male poling community. So my perspective is not completely aligned any one side of the discussion. While I can’t speak for everyone, I can say that my intentions were not meant to be patronizing. I do have a different perspective than most competitors because I do get to see and be involved in a lot of the behind-the-scenes action and have therefore developed a great appreciation, tolerance and understanding.

    My stance with this and with any of the issues that come up in the pole world is that we all seek to offer solutions. No one person has all of the answers but if we work to build up instead of tear down then that might help us progress to a better solution sooner.

    I do remember in one of the discussion threads that someone that made the suggestion that the monetary prize for both Men and Women should be an equal “percentage” based off the amount of entries for that division. I actually thought that this was a great temporary compromise at least while they are still in the infant stages of this division. I realize that the monetary prize for the Women’s division has already been announced and while increasing it would be acceptable, decreasing it would cause even more issue. So another future option might be to “lessen” the women’s amount so that the difference in proportion to the mens isn’t as massive.

    Moving forward I would absolutely like to see an equal monetary prize offered to both divisions. At the end of the day both our male and female poler put the same amount of passion, practice, tears and dedication into their craft and they all should feel equally appreciated, rewarded and at their best when they leave the stage.