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Body Inclusive Teaching

Let’s talk about it! Body inclusive training, what is it and why does it matter? (I’m so glad you asked!) I think we all can agree that no two bodies are made the same or move the same, so we must be inclusive and adaptive with our teaching practices. everyBODY is my all inclusive term for the variety of people that entrust us to help them achieve their movement goals in the air and on the ground. Bodies come in a variety of shapes, sizes and abilities, it is our responsibility to be able to meet those needs and help them achieve their movement goals. 

Taking any sort of aerial, pole, circus, fitness or dance class can be a vulnerable experience for anyone. Add to that, the challenges that we encounter when it comes to gravity, especially for those of us that live in “non–traditional” body types (whatever the heck that is) face such as being plus-size, underweight, blessed in the chest or derrière, physically disabled and/or mentally disabled.



It’s because I’ve been there myself. As a professional shapeshifter and professional beginner, I have had every BODY with just this one body. It is through these lived experiences, research and continuing education that I began to rethink how I teach. This shift in my own teaching gave birth to everyBODY in hopes of helping to set a better standard of teaching in our industry.

I understand the desire to be in a class and have someone and that not only looks more like me, but to also feel like “they understand me and my struggles”. I know that it’s also reassuring to work with a coach that has the strength to physically spot me. I use my experiences and struggles to create and operate a judgment-free zone, where everyBODY feels comfortable,, safe and supported. 

I believe that all people, with all abilities, in all bodies deserve helpful and supportive teaching practices that meets them where they’re at to help them reach their aerial ambitions. And we have to go beyond the rah rah, “take it all off and just love your body” talk and back it up with safe, smart, progressive training and actionable drills and skills that helps make aerial-gravitaitonal fetch happen.  

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