Training everyBODY

Body Inclusive Teaching

Let’s talk about it! Body inclusive training, what is it and why does it matter? (I’m so glad you asked!) I think we all can agree that no two bodies are made the same or move the same, so we must be inclusive and adaptive with our teaching practices.

Taking any sort of aerial, pole, circus, fitness or dance class can be a vulnerable experience for anyone. Add to that, the challenges that we encounter when it comes to gravity, especially for those of us that live in “non–traditional” body types (whatever the heck that is) face such as being plus-size, underweight, blessed in the chest or derrière, physically disabled and/or mentally disabled.  

I believe that all people, with all abilities, in all bodies deserve helpful and supportive teaching practices that meets them where they’re at to help them reach their aerial ambitions. And we have to go beyond the rah rah, “take it all off and just love your body” talk and back it up with safe,  smart, progressive training and actionable drills and skills that helps make aerial-gravitaitonal fetch happen. 

This training seminar is a reflection of my daily teaching practices that allows me to effectively work with ALL body types. This seminar is dedicated to educating and training both instructors and studios owners/staff on body inclusion and comprehensive coaching of ALL body types, with emphasis on Plus Size Aerialists.

Who is this course for?

This course was created for instructors and studio owners, who want to be more inclusive in teaching various body types, as well as students that want help advocating for themselves.

My Why:

It’s because I’ve been there myself. I have had every BODY with just this one body.  I understand the desire to be in a class and have someone and that not only looks more like me, but to also feel like “they understand me and my struggles”. I know that it’s also reassuring to work with a coach that has the strength to physically spot me. I use my experiences and struggles to create and operate a judgment-free zone, where everyBODY feels comfortable,, safe and supported. 

Seminar Objectives:

By the end of this training course you’ll be able to:

  • Point out what people get wrong about plus-size training and share what really matters.
  • Apply creative teaching methods using floor based drills that train muscle mechanics and movement memory. 
  • Employ training hacks using general fitness equipment. 
  • Confidently perform spotting techniques that keep students and instructors safe. 
  • Provide actionable steps for real training success and regular deposits to that trick bank.  

It is with these things that we’ll be able to keep students and instructors safe during training, while also building confidence, empowerment, body awareness and movement mastery.


What We’ll Cover In This Training: 

  • Different body types you’ll encounter in the pole/aerial classroom.
  • Types of Plus-Size Aerialists and how or why they identify as such. 
  • “TFW” – awareness and consideration of common thoughts and concerns often experienced by plus-size aerialists.
  • The gender slanted focus in the aerial community in resources, marketing and merch.
  • What strength to weight ratio is and why it’s more important than scale weight alone. 
  • Why size isn’t always the limiting factor, and what other things instructors should be able to identify.

See What People Are Saying

  • Lori H.

    Lori shares her body and training experiences in the pole world and how training with Coach Ashley has changed things for her.
  • Dee B.

    Dee opens up about her body and training experiences in the pole industry and how training with Coach Ashley has helped her with training breakthroughs.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


This course was created for instructors and studio owners, who want to be more inclusive in teaching various body types, as well as students that want help advocating for themselves.

Do I have to be an instructor to take this course?

Absolutely not. This course is open to everyBODY! Whether you’re an aspiring teacher, a studio owner or just a student that wants better understanding and support, you can take this course. 

What to expect?

A little bit of lecture, review of helpful teaching tools, lots of discussion, visual demos, a look at safer spotting techniques, open Q&A and more!


While there is an emphasis on plus-size bodies, the information share applies to all body types – including bodies with disabilities, those recovering from injuries, masters and youth. 


ONLINE. From the comfort of your studio or home via Zoom. You may need to download the Zoom app. Curious about hosting this training live at your studio? Contact me!


No, it is not. The material taught in this course applies to all apparatuses and class types. While we do look at certain skills and spotting techniques for aerial apparatuses, the bulk of information is focused on understanding body and movement types and learning how to adapt your teaching skills to be inclusive of everyBODY.


everyBODY is my all inclusive term for the variety of people that will be entrusting us to help them achieve their movement goals in the air and on the ground. Bodies come a variety of shapes, sizes and abilities, it is our responsibility to be able to meet those needs and help them achieve their movement goals. 


There’s nothing specific you’ll need for this course, other than an open mind, a notebook and a pen. I will be showing tools that I use in trainings to help with the learning process, so you may discover some things that you’d like to add to your equipment. 

Didn’t find your answer?

Give me a shout and I’ll happily answer any other questionst you have!