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Beginners Always Welcome! Some classes and workshops may change monthly, so be sure to check the schedule regularly!

Boot(y) PUMP

This at-home booty burner targets your Ass, Legs & Thighs using bodyweight and mini resistance bands. (Yes, it’s ASSLT Jr!) No bands? No problem! Well have plenty of bodyweight modifications to make sure you still get a great burn in every workout!

Open to all levels. 

Duration: 30 min | Cost: $10

Required Equipment: Mini bands    (if you have them)


A strong core contributes to improved posture, a stronger back with less pain, better balance, more stability, and overall movement efficiency in daily activities. This core FUNditioning class will help strengthen the muscles that provide stability and mobility for the spine, pelvis, rib cage and hips, making it easier to perform not just our every day movements, but also those cool aerial ones as well! 

Open to all levels. 

Duration: 30min | Cost: $10  

Equipment Required: None



Missing your chiropractor or massage therapist while stuck at home? In this self-care class we’ll take relief into the palm of our hands! Learn to alleviate pain, release tight spots, reduce stress, improve range of motion and correct posture, all to help you recover faster and perform better!

Open to all levels. 

Duration: 30 min | Cost: $10 

Required Equipment: Foam roller and peanut/massage ball


Not seeing any flexibility progress? It’s not your fault. Flexy gains require a combination of body awareness and proper programming designed for your body’s specific needs. This class is a unique blend of active flexibility and mobility that will work to strengthen and stretch your muscles, helping you reach your flexibility goals. 

Open to all levels. 

Duration: 60 min | Cost: $15

Required Equipment: Yoga blocks, yoga strap and kneepads 


During this well-rounded class, you’ll learn more about using yoga wheels to build strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. We’ll be covering exercises to help you target your shoulders, back, hip flexors, hamstrings and core. And plan to catch some insta-worthy poses in the process with our pose of the week!

Open to all levels. 

Duration: 60min | Cost: $15

Required Equipment: Yoga wheel


Are you ready to SUPERCHARGE your spin pole flow? In this class, we’ll take static poses and creative transitions, and fuse them together to create dynamic spin pole sequences that you can use for choreo, competition, freestyles and more!

*Pre-requisite: Must be comfortable climbing on spin pole.

Duration: 60 min | Cost: $20

Required Equipment: Spin Pole



Not ready to take flight? Or looking for creative ways to explore floor work and low flow pole? Grounded focuses on dance and creative movement on lower thirds pole and floor, while secretly building up strength and confidence that you’ll later be able to use to climb up the pole.

Open to all levels. 

Duration: 60 min | Cost: $20

Required Equipment: Pole and floorspace to dance. Socks/leg warmers and kneepads strongly suggested. Heels optional.


Chairs are good for more than just sitting! Pull up a seat and let’s dance! This chair dance choreography class will help you find your inner video vixen while exploring a combination of dance, floor moves, basic acro movements, musicality and more. 

Open to all levels. 

Duration: 60 min | Cost: $20 

Required Equipment: Sturdy chair.   I recommend a metal folding chair. Check out this one and this one.

Socks/leg warmers and kneepads strongly suggested. Heels optional.


Improve your pole flow in this routine-based class. We’ll blend beginner pole moves, creative transitions, musicality, flow and floor work into fun & sexy choreography.  Combinations will be grounded. No inversions required. Great for those looking to develop dance confidence, improve free styling and for those preparing for competition and showcases. 

Open to all levels. 

Duration:60 min | Cost: $20

Required Equipment: Pole  Socks/leg warmers and kneepads strongly suggested. Heels optional.

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  • My classes are catered to everyBODY. I welcome all levels, shapes, sizes, body types. Beginners are 100% welcome!