Hi, I'm Ashley!

Not too long ago I worked an average 9-5 running a software company, feeling stressed everyday, rapidly gaining weight and just feeling overall unhappy with life. One day I made the decision that I’d had enough and decided to make the change to start working on ME and living for ME. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE and I’ve never looked back. Fast forward a few years later, I am happier, healthier and now helping others! 

These days, I am blessed that I get to blend my passion with my profession and do work that I truly love. I am the ultimate fitness enthusiast and business creative! Professional photographer, graphic designer, writer, marketing guru and business consultant are just some of the hats I hold. In addition to having my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and an MBA; I am currently pursing my Ph.D. My business savvy personality, balanced with an unlimited supply of creativity keeps me thriving for more in my career, education and pole life. When I’m not being the ultimate business woman, you can find me at the gym or studio working my fitness and aerial athleticism.



When I’m not being the ultimate business woman, you can find me at the gym or studio working my fitness, flexibility and aerial athleticism. #flexyfit! I am a Flexologist and pole fitness instructor that enjoys spending my days bending, contorting and pushing my students to help them reach their flexibility, fitness and pole goals. I teach weekly fitness, pole, heels and flexibility classes and I offer workshops, private lessons and competition training. My goal is to encourage and help women build confidence though fitness, while unleashing their hidden potential as they learn to be fit, fierce and fabulous! I started pole fitness in 2010 instantly fell in love with the sexy athleticism of pole and aerial fitness. As a former cheerleader, gymnast and soccer player, I’ve been involved in sports and fitness all of my life. I love the fact that pole not only offers a new, fun type of fitness but also that it allows me to make use of my athletic background. I enjoy encouraging women of all body types to try out pole fitness. Embracing all shapes and sizes of dancers, I am out to prove to the world that anyone can pole – even those that feel they aren’t strong enough to pole dance.



Taking a class, workshop  or private lesson with me = non-stop good times! There’s never a dull moment when I teach. I have a very dynamic and energetic personality that will keep you active, engaged and laughing out loud. My teaching style is probably best described as creative insanity. We may do some insane things from time-to-time but what can I say, I like to keep it interesting! I love integrating creative movement and creative conditioning into every class. I’ll have you working muscles and burning calories without you even realize the workout that’s really going on. I’m big on safety, proper form and technique, body awareness and respecting your level. In class, we all have permission to make mistakes and to not take ourselves too seriously.



• REBT Mindset Life Coach Certified

• RAD Mobility Level 1 – Self Myofascial Release (SMR), mobility & recovery training

• Spin City Beginners’ Aerial Hoop Instructor*

• American Heart Association CPR & AED

• Spin City Stretching & Flexibility for Pole and Aerial

• Spin City Anatomy & Physiology Foundations for Pole and Aerial

• Xpert Pole Fitness Level 3& 4

• Anatomy for Fitness and Wellness from The Cooper Institute

• Xpert Pole Fitness Level 1 &2



• 2017 USPDF PRO and 4th Place

• 2017 PSO Southwest Championship Level 4 WINNER

• 2016 PSO Southwest Exotic Level 4 Competitor

• 2016 UPA Bringing Sexy Back (Dallas)  Guest Performer 

• 2014 Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma Guest Performer

• 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Professional Finalist

• 2013 Midwest Pole Dance Sexy Floorwork Competitor 

• 2013 Galveston Bay Pole Competition Finalist and Miss Sexy Winner

• 2012 Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma Finalist

• 2012 PSO Southern Competitor 

• 2011 Miss Texas Pole Star Amateur Finalist