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Performance Prep

Helping aspiring aerialists reach new heights

Let’s face it, becoming a circus superstar ain’t easy! It takes time, unlimited use of our limited funds, blood, sweat, tears and ALL THE SPARKLES!  I am excited to share my love of flexibility and fitness to help aerial athletes improve performance, build strength and endurance, prevent injury and excel in our sport. 

Who I Train Anyone with an interest in Flexibility and Fitness, but especially those who:

Have not yet developed the discipline to do it on their own, or need a little guidance and extra encouragement to push past. Or maybe you've purchase every tutorial and toy but don't know the how/why behind putting them them to use. Or maybe you've been working for a while but have not seen the desired progress or have plateaued.
Women recovering from the ups and downs of life and looking to make a fresh start. Whether it be from a physical injury and need to rebuild flexibility or strength, or from the normal wear-and-tear of life and are looking to develop a healthier lifestyle.
Plus-size women wanting to improve flexibility and fitness without the intimidation of smaller bodies prancing around, and with the confidence and expertize of an instructor that understands the struggles often faced and the journey they are on. Read More...

Flexibility on & off the pole

Flexibility on the pole starts off the pole. 



I did not have any concerns as I felt I’d have a great class so I just felt excited about it. I had much more than I thought I’d have although I knew I could expect a great workout. My favorite part(s) of training with Ashley is that I feel welcomed, I feel that instructor is very knowledgable which makes me feel comfortable. I also like the high level of energy in class.

Words of Encouragement: I’d say “YOU HAVE TO take Ashley’s class; she’s so amazing and not only will give you a good works out but you’ll also have a great time. Her classes sere like workout parties”

Mar M.
BodyCon Flex, Xtreme Flex
I’m significantly older than most of the women I train with, I’m also quite curvy and very busty so I always feel somewhat insecure going in and very nervous. Thankfully Ashley possesses the ability to teach anybody at any skill level just about anything over time and with dedication. I always walk away surprised and proud of myself! My favorite thing about training with Ashley is that I’m learning to more openly embrace my femininity and sensuality. Her heels classes are always packed with plenty of spicy moves/transitions with a tastefully sensual flow. I ALWAYS feel amazing after that class! I highly recommend training with Ashley. She has an amazing talent for breaking down tricks and troubleshooting (Lord knows I always need remediation…lol).
Dee B.
Pole 1-3, Conditioning, Heels, BodyCon Flex.

I felt completely comfortable because I was provided with information ahead of class. What to wear, what to expect to accomplish in class, and what to bring (if anything). “Communication is key”. Ashley really encourages myself to push harder. She is there to show me new positions to enhance my flexibility and skill level. She will correct your mistakes and make them right as well as learn control with tricks.

Words of encouragement: You really need to take Ashley as your instructor, she has tons of knowledge in fitness/flexibility. She is always mixing things up to keep everyone interested, great song choices she’s the best at helping push your individual goals! Everything you need to grow!

Ashley B.
Xtreme Flex, Xtreme Tricks, and Competition Training

I’ve got the pleasure of taken all Ashley classes except Flex in the Dark. Which I’m extremely sad about because she put it down. I had hide issues I wouldn’t fit in. Then I quickly realized it’s her spirit she make you feel sexy, beautiful while pushing the hell out of you. And I overcame that way of think just as quickly as I fell in love with the workouts.

Ashley gives individual attention to our weakness and strengths with passion to improve my goal to get fit. Ashley is a professional with heart of a flex master elevating her student to that master level with fiery confidence in your abilities.

Flexibility, BodyCon Flex, Strength & Conditioning

Initially I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do all of the moves because I was not very flexible. I am WAY more flexible than before. I still can’t do a split, but I’m getting there. My balance had improved considerably, and I’m more confident in my sensuality.  It helps with my exercise, balance, and it does not feel as though I’m working out.

Words of encouragement: Try the class a few times and you will see and feel a difference in what your body can actually do.

Katina B.
Flexibility, Flex After Dark, BodyCon Flex and Pole
Whenever I went to Xtreme Tricks, I was always scared I would be holding the rest of the class back because I was the one person that didn’t have quite as much muscle strength. I love that there were always modifications given so that every student could succeed. During flexibility, I was worried about a hip injury, but you were constantly there to help me figure out alternative stretches I could do to avoid further injury while still advancing my flexibility. My favorite part of training with Ashley is that you make it a relaxed environment by being goofy, but she still pushes me to try things I don’t think I can do because you know I can. She believes in me, as a student, more than I did in myself. That was probably the most beneficial thing.
Words of encouragement: It would be tough, but completely worth it. She’ll push you harder than you’ve worked before, but will see a complete transformation in both your mental and emotional mind set. Don’t miss the opportunity.
Kaci F.
Flexibility & Xtreme Tricks